PFW Impact Crusher


ZAY as a professional mining machinery supplier, can provide you with various kinds of impact crushers, such as such as PF Series impact crusher, PFW Series impact crusher and so on. Among them, our durable PFW Series impact crushers have excellent performance and high productivity.

PFW Series impact crusher cab be widely used in in mining, railway, metallurgy, building material, chemical industries, water conservancy and some other industry.

PFW impact crusher Working principle

When impact crusher works, the motor drives the rotor rotate at a high speed, on which the blow bar is installed. As soon as the material get into the affecting area of the blow bar, they will be stroke by the blow bar and be thrown to the impact devices around the rotor. The high speed forces the material to rebound from the impact liner to the area where the blow bar effects until they have been crushed to the required size. The clearance between the impact racks and the rotor can be adjusted to change the size and shape of the end products.

Features and advantages

  1. Bearing adopts the integrated cast-steel structure, which ensures the perfect match with crusher frame. Meanwhile, it greatly increases the radial intensity of bearing seat;
  2. Unique fixing device of blow bar brings higher reliability;
  3. Reformative adjusting device decrease the time of machine stop and overhaul;
  4. Self-own open-top device can quickly finish the replacement of wearing parts;
  5. Larger bearing specification and higher carrying capacity;
  6. Rotor analysis ensures stableness and reliability.

Technical data